Cylindrical Grinding Machine – M1420H/FX500

Cylindrical Grinding Machine – M1420H/FX500

M1420H/F universal cylindrical grinding machine is the latest up to upgrade products. For grinding the workpiece of inner and outer cylindrical and tapered, the most suitable for single piece and small batch production use.


Specification M1420H/FX500
External grinding diameters φ8~200mm
Internal grinding diameters φ13~100mm
Center height 135mm
Headstock spindle rotation speed 50HZ:25~380rpm (stepless)
Max. worktable traverse 650mm
Hydraulic travel speed 0.1~4m/min
Max.workpiece weight 50kgs
Grinding length External/Internal 500/125mm
Swivel range of worktable   -5°~+9°
Max.wheel peripheral speed 38m/s
External wheel size Max.φ400x50xφ203mm   Minφ280x50xφ203mm
Internal wheel spindle rotating-speed 20000r/min
Headstock and tailstock center MT4
Total motor power 5.625kw
Machine overall dimension(LxWxH) 2500x1600x1500mm
Machine weight 2500kgs

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