Flat Bed CNC Lathe-CK6150

Flat Bed CNC Lathe-CK6150

CK6150 is suitable for turning inner and outer cylindrical surface, end surface, taper surface, arc surface and thead of shaft, etc., with high efficiency and accurate processing.


Specification CK6150
Max.swing over bed Ф500mm
Max.swing over carriage Ф280mm
Max. cutting length 750/1100/1500mm
Rail width 400mm
Spindle nose A2-8
Spindle bore Ф82mm or Ф86mm;Optional Ф105mm
Taper of spindle bore MT6
Chuck size 10″
Range of spindle speed 150-1600rpm or 3 steps:30-150,,10-500,150-1600rpm
X-axis travel 330mm
Z-axis travel 750/1100/1500mm
X/Z rapid speed 5/8m/min
X/Z screw 3206/5010
Electronic turret 4 or 6 or 8
Max.section of tool 25x25mm
Stroke of tailstock sleeve 150mm
Diameter/Hole of tailstock sleeve Ф75mm/MT4
Main motor power 7.5kw or 11kw
Coolant pump power 180w
Overall dimensions L x W x H 2100/2420/2860/3320x1600x1830mm
Packing size L x W x H 2300/2620/3060/3520x1800x2030mm
Net weight 2700/2750/3100/3350kg
Gross weight 2600/3000/3450/3650kg

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