How is our CNC Swiss Lathe going in the Russian market?

How is our CNC Swiss Lathe going in the Russian market?

Russian customer Anton: WMTCNC Recommended A Great CNC Swiss Lathe To Me

As we all know, the CNC Swiss Lathe has made a qualitative leap in processing efficiency and accuracy compared with the general CNC lathe. The use of a dual-axis arrangement tool significantly reduces the processing cycle time by shortening the tool exchange time between the row tool and the opposite tool table, the multiple tool table overlap function, the effective shaft movement overlap function of threaded chips, the direct spindle indexing function during secondary processing, to achieve the reduction of empty travel time, chip tools have been processed in the spindle and the workpiece clamping part. The precision of processing is guaranteed to be constant.

Therefore, to sell a CNC Swiss Lathe, the demand of general customers is exceptionally high as machine manufacturers’ production and sales must also have a very high technical level and service quality to provide customers with the corresponding machine.

One of our Russian clients, Anton, came to us with a CNC Swiss Lathe need. At first, this customer wanted to buy and use the product for himself. With our sales specialist Kevin’s professional and patient docking and communication, the cooperation was finally facilitated. Anton also said that if the machine is successful in the later test, he will help us sell the machine locally.

>Customer drawings and workpiece information:

workpieces of cnc swiss lathe

>WMTCNC Solution

1、Process flow chart

workpieces of cnc swiss lathe

2、List of tool accessories for sample proofing

3、Machine dimensions

4、Machine test: 40 samples of finished products

CNC Swiss Lathe Technology Popularization

1. CNC Swiss Lathe, the full name of the core type CNC lathe, is called CNC Swiss Lathe. The scientific name definition is spindle box mobile CNC lathe. The central mode of the lathe originated in Switzerland and is known internationally as the Swiss precision automatic lathe. In the Chinese market, most machines are turned into longitudinal cutting, also called longitudinal CNC lathes. Because the standard configuration of a CNC Swiss Lathe has a side power head, it can complete the milling process, also known as the core turning and milling compound lathe.

2. The machine is always in a fixed position, through the movement of the central axis Z axis and the rotation of the C axis to process the product and support multiple feeding; in theory, the length of a single product can reach the maximum size of the single material supported by the feeder.

3. When the machine walking turning, the axial feed of the bar material passes through the center guide sleeve, the cutting point of the tool is close to the end of the guide sleeve, and the rigidity is good, which eliminates the deformation of the bar material under the cutting pressure of the tool and ensures the accuracy of the parts. The processing of slender shaft parts has absolute advantages.

4. CNC Swiss Lathes are generally used to process small parts of bars, large quantities, and parts that need to be processed once. Because the CNC Swiss Lathe’s structure differs from that of the traditional CNC lathe, the machining efficiency and accuracy of the CNC Swiss Lathe are higher than those of the CNC lathe. The design dramatically saves the machining cycle time. By shortening the tool exchange time between the tool bank and the opposite tool table, the overlap function of multiple tool tables and the effective shaft movement of threaded chips can be realized, and the direct spindle indexing function during secondary processing can shorten the idle time.

5. CNC Swiss Lathe can also be equipped with an automatic feeding device to achieve fully automated production of a single machine tool, reducing labor costs and harmful products in the production process, and can be used to produce high-volume precision shaft parts. Generally, the feeder passes the bar material through the spindle hole, and the spring chuck is automatically clamped. If the part overhangs for a long time, it must be equipped with a center. The tail should have a second spindle if it needs to be processed. If it is also necessary to process equal dividing holes, it must match the power cutter holder and the spindle indexing.

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