Why do Polish customers who buy machining centers choose us?

Why do Polish customers who buy machining centers choose us?

Customers highly recognize our product strength.

One of our Polish customers wanted to buy a machining center. But he was worried about the machine’s processing power.

In this case, our professional practice recommends that customers send drawings first, and our technical samples are produced against the drawings. After making our product proofing and showing it to the customer, the customer thought our proofing was very professional and was very satisfied with us, so he was ready to buy the machine.

>The drawing sent to us by the customer

>Our sales and customers are patient and professional online communication

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So, according to the drawings provided by the customer, how can our proofing products satisfy the customer and complete the action of placing the order?

The following is the result of our proofing:

machining centers

Machining center recommendation

vertical cnc machining center vmc1050l

A 3-Axis vertical cnc machining center is used for creating various industrial parts. This is achieved by using a wide range of tooling and cutters depending on the type of material. With advanced international standards of designing, modern structure, high-quality components and spare parts introduced to this machine tool, no matter precise elements machining or mould processing, WMTCNC BRAND vertical cnc machining center VMC1050L will offer you perfect service by excellent performance, strong rigidity, long-term stability and higher accuracy.


  • Worktable size: 1000x500mm
  • X/Y/Z axis travel: 1000/500/500mm
  • Spindle bore: BT40
  • Spindle speed: 8000rpm
  • Spindle power: 7.5kw


  • High-rigidity design of the bed, servo, spindle, etc., enhance the extreme heavy cutting ability.
  • It has good heavy cutting ability in plane milling, boring, drilling, and tapping.
  • One-piece bed, C-shaped structure, Z axis without counterweight.
  • NTN bearing, THK/PMI/HIWIN linear guideway.
  • Taiwan ROYAL/VYUCHENG/KENTURN spindle, standard 8000 rpm, optional 10000 rpm.
  • BT40 spindle taper, 24t disc type tool magazine.

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