135th Canton Fair, WMTCNC invites you to meet the exhibition!

135th Canton Fair, WMTCNC invites you to meet the exhibition!

As the window, epitome, and symbol of China’s opening up and an essential platform for international trade cooperation, Canton Fair has withstood various challenges and has never been interrupted in the past 65 years.

It has been successfully held for 134 sessions and established trade relations with more than 229 countries and regions worldwide. The accumulated export volume has amounted to about USD 1.5 trillion, and the total number of overseas buyers attending the Canton Fair onsite and online has exceeded 10 million.

The Fair has effectively promoted trade connections and friendly exchanges between China and the world.

Exhibition Invitation 

April 15-19th,2024

Pazhou Complex No.382, Yuejiang Zhong Road,Guangzhou, China

20.1  I31-32

Exhibition Product

Main Features:

  1. Front and back processing can be performed simultaneously Using the counter spindle and the back tool post.
  2. Equipped with 3-axis lateral power head, lateral rigid tapping, front rigid tapping, and back rigid tapping.3. Equipped with no guide sleeve device, most suitable for high precision machining of short workpieces.
  3. Adjust the chuck with the clamping force of the main shaft and the back shaft, which can easily clamp delicate and precise parts. Fixed guide bushes and linked guide bushes have better benefits.
  4. The main shaft oil-cooled electric spindle has no dead angle cooling at high speed, and it has more uniform heat dissipation and more robust performance than an ordinary air-cooled electric spindle.
  5. This machine adopts absolute operation without returning to the original point on and off, saving time, labor, and labor. Uninterrupted power supply for 24 hours, high efficiency, and labor-saving.


  1. It is capable of turning and milling combined processing.
  2. It is a high-precision, wide-ranging, and practical processing equipment.
  3. This type of machine tool is suitable for large-scale and large-scale “slender shaft” parts with relatively large length and diameter, as well as “small” and “abnormal” parts.
  4. Variety, high-precision processing tasks, its processing range is widely applicable to various high-tech industries such as medical, aviation, aerospace, military, automobiles, motorcycles, communications, refrigeration, optics, home appliances, microelectronics, electronics, watches, mobile phones, etc.
  5. Compound processing of precision, multi-batch, complex shape shaft parts, and precision small parts.
cnc machine center

Main Features:
1.All 3 axis use class precision screw, match up the nut preloading and screw prestretched, preeliminate backlash and temperature rise, so that the machine can achieve stability of the positioning and repeatability accuracy.
2.Besides, the X/Y/Z axis use precision linear rails to ensure the control of the positioning accuracy and processing errors, so that the machine can have high accuracy and long working life.

We cordially invite all our valued customers, partners, and industry professionals to visit our booths at these prestigious events.
It will be a fantastic opportunity to explore our offerings, meet our passionate team, and network with like-minded individuals!
The opening of the spring Canton Fair is just a few days away. Do you want to come?

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