CNC Alloy Wheel Repair Lathe Machines: The Must-Have Solution for Perfect Wheel Restoration! 

CNC Alloy Wheel Repair Lathe Machines: The Must-Have Solution for Perfect Wheel Restoration! 

With the development of the automotive industry, the wheel hub, as one of the vehicle’s essential components, carries out the critical functions of the vehicle’s driving and suspension system. However, wheel hubs are often damaged or worn out due to long-time use and unavoidable collisions. To solve this problem, CNC lathe technology is applied in wheel hub restoration, which provides an efficient and precise solution for repairing and reusing wheel hubs.

What is an Alloy Wheel CNC Lathe Machine?

A CNC wheel machine, also known as a CNC wheel lathe or wheel repair lathe, is a robust CNC lathe for car wheel repair, wheel machining, super-finishing, and maintenance.

Unlike a conventional cnc lathe, an Alloy wheel cnc lathe has been specially designed for the cutting, finishing, and refurbishment of an alloy wheel, as these types of lathes come with a digitizing system that can precisely measure the surface contour of the alloy wheel and store it for repeatable programming and future call up.

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How are CNC wheel lathes used in wheel restoration?

1.Damage Detection and Measurement: A CNC wheel lathe can detect and measure damage to the wheel hub by laser or other sensor technology. With precise measurement data, the degree of damage to the wheel hub can be determined, and a repair program can be developed.
2.Tool path planning: Based on the wheel inspection data, the CNC wheel lathe can be repaired according to the pre-programmed tool path planning. By precisely controlling the tool movement path and cutting parameters, repair and reconstruction of the damaged area can be realized.
3.Precise repair processing: The CNC wheel lathe can realize high-precision cutting operation in the wheel repair process. Through the advanced control system and tool technology, wear and scratches on the surface of the wheel hub can be repaired, and its original appearance and performance can be restored.
4.Automated production and increased efficiency: The computerized nature of the CNC wheel lathe makes the wheel repair process more efficient. Compared with traditional manual repair, CNC lathes can reduce manual operation’s tediousness and time cost, improve repair efficiency, and ensure the consistency of repair quality.

What are the advantages of CNC wheel lathe in wheel repair?

1.High precision: The CNC wheel lathe can realize high-precision wheel hub repair through precise tool control and motion trajectory planning, ensuring that the repaired wheel hub meets the strict geometric requirements.
2.Flexibility: CNC wheel lathes can carry out flexible machining operations according to different wheel shapes, sizes, and material characteristics, adapting to various wheel repair needs.
3.Automation and Intelligence: The automation feature of the CNC wheel lathe can reduce manual operation and human error and realize the intelligence of the wheel repair process through pre-programming and automation control.
4.Resource-saving: The CNC wheel lathe can maximize the use of the original wheel material, reduce the need for new material through precise repair processing, and effectively use resources.

Why choose WMTCNC’s AWR26?

The AWR26 is a viral machine in our company and is very easy to operate, making old wheels look new in a few steps.

  1. About the system

We use the newest generation system, a graphical operating software running on a computer platform. The operation steps are simple and convenient.

  1. About detection procedures 

For complex hubs, our measurement program supports setting different detection densities in other areas, which is more efficient.

1) The minimum measurement density is 0.2mm in the minor arc area of the wheel hub.
2) On other planes, 1-3mm can be used to measure density.

  1. About measurement error

1) The arc radius of the probe is less than 0.4mm and is consistent with the radius of the c tip.
2) The error between the measurement curve and the actual size of the wheel hub shall be n0.1mm.
3) The curves we measured do not need manual correction, and the processing G code can be directly generated with one click.

  1. About G code

1) The G code generated by our software uses G02/G03 arc processing code, and the pro section is about 50 lines.
2) The surface effect of the wheel hub processed by G02/G03 is better.

Main feature
1. Adopt 15’’ touch screen PC with Win 7 system ( equipped with special software to measure the wheel and optimize the probing curve to create G-code without manual programming). 

2. Special designed 3 soft jaws, fix the wheel from 14″ to 23″ ,26″ ,28″ ,32″( Different type for your choose)

3. Only need 2 stages : Probing and diamond cutting. (half day for training a worker with out experience)  

4. Update the data or ask for remote assistance via Internet

More and more new cars come with diamond-cut alloy wheels as standard, and the different models available are increasing, and demand for repairs to alloys is rising.
WMTCNC Alloy Wheel CNC Lathe Machine can give your customers the fast and cost-effective repair they want. The fully automated Diamond Cut Alloy Wheel Lathe makes you a specialist with the highest quality finish and the quickest repair time. A self-plotting system and wheel profile storage allow you to repair curbed, scratched, and corroded alloys fast and efficiently.

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