• Controller model: LNCT6850
  • Max. cutting speed: 4m/min
  • Max. Bar dia.: 13mm
  • Max.spindle bore dia.: 14mm
  • Brand Name:WMTCNC

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    The B13 dual-spindle swiss lathe machine has the capacity of car and milling composite, a high-precision, wide range, and highly practical processing equipment. This swiss lathe machine is suitable for the large-scale, multi-variety, and high-precision processing tasks of “slender shafts” parts with relatively large diameters and “small” and “alien” parts. Cars, motorcycles, communications, cooling, optical, optical, home appliances, microelectronics, electronics, clocks, mobile phones, and other industries have a variety of high-precision, multi-batch, complex shaft parts, and small precision parts.


    Specification B13
    Controller model LNCT6850
    X Axis Pulse Equivalent 0.0005/NA/0.001mm
    Max. cutting Speed 4m/min
    X /Y/Z axis max. fast feeding speed 20/20/20m/min
    Max. Bar dia. Φ13mm
    Max.spindle bore dia. Φ14mm
    Max. height of spindle center from ground 1010mm
    Max. spindle speed/motor power 5000rpm/2kw
    Max. installed capacity of cutter 10*10mm square cutter(5pcs)
    Φ16mm hole cutter (ER11 4pcs)
    Main spindle power head  std. ER11+ER16 (2pcs+1pc)
    Main spindle power head max. speed/motor power 5000rpm/0.4kw
    Max.Clamping dia. Φ13mm
    Sub-spindle max. speed/motor power 5000rpm/2kw
    Max. installed capacity of cutter Φ16mm hole cutter(4pcs)
    Sub-spindle power head ✱ optional ER16 (4pcs)
    Sub-spindle power head max. speed/motor power ✱ optional 5000rpm/0.4/0.75kw
    Spindle Travel
    X1/Y1/Z1 axis travel 60/230/180mm
    X1/Y1/Z1 axis servo motor power 0.75kw/1kw/1kw
    Sub-spindle travel
    X2/Y2/Z2 axis travel 380/NA//160mm
    X2/Y2/Z2 axis servo motor power 1kw/NA/1kw
    Machine dimension
    Machine overall dimension( LxWxH) 2030x1360x1960mm
    Machine weight 1700kg

    Main Features

    swiss lathe machine

    By using sub spindle and back cutter table, the front and back machining can be carried out at the same time. Equipped with 3-axis transverse power head, transverse rigid tapping, front rigid tapping, back rigid tapping.

    swiss lathe machine

    By using the clamping force of main spindle and sub spindle to adjust the chuck, which can easily clamp small precision parts. B13 swiss lathe machine adopt absolute operation, switch the machine without going back to the origin, save time, trouble and labor. 24 hours constant power, high effciency. Fixed guide bushing and coupling guide bushing, better benefit. Suitable high precision processing of long work pieces.


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