• Controller model: LNCT6850
  • Max. cutting speed: 4m/min
  • Max. Bar dia.: 20mm
  • Max.spindle bore dia.: 21mm
  • Brand Name:WMTCNC

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    B20 swiss type cnc lathe CNC system adopts four axis four linkage, high stability, high precision, easily operate. If process need, the slide live tools can be selected to drill and mill. Swiss type cnc lathe with structual design stability, high quality cast iron bed and strong rigidity. Configurated with feeder, realize automatic continuous processing.


    Specification B20
    Controller model LNCT6850
    X Axis Pulse Equivalent 0.0005/NA/0.001mm
    Max. cutting Speed 4m/min
    X /Y/Z axis max. fast feeding speed 28/28/28m/min
    Max. Bar dia. Φ20mm
    Max.spindle bore dia. Φ21mm
    Max. height of spindle center from ground 1050mm
    Max. spindle speed/motor power 5000rpm/5kw
    Max. installed capacity of cutter 12*12mm square cutter(6pcs)
    Φ20mm hole cutter (ER16 4pcs)
    Main spindle power head  std. ER11+ER16 (2pcs+1pc)
    Main spindle power head max. speed/motor power 5000rpm/0.75kw
    Max.Clamping dia. Φ20mm
    Sub-spindle max. speed/motor power 5000rpm/2kw
    Max. installed capacity of cutter Φ16mm hole cutter(1pcs)                         Φ20mm hole cutter(1pcs)                          ER16 toolhoder(2pcs)                          12*12mm square cutter(1pc)
    Sub-spindle power head ✱ optional  ER16 (4pcs)
    Sub-spindle power head max. speed/motor power ✱ optional 5000rpm/0.75kw
    Spindle Travel
    X1/Y1/Z1 axis travel 140/300/330mm
    X1/Y1/Z1 axis servo motor power 0.75kw/1kw/1kw
    Sub-spindle travel
    X2/Y2/Z2 axis travel 500/NA/200mm
    X2/Y2/Z2 axis servo motor power 1kw/NA/1kw
    Machine dimension
    Machine overall dimension( LxWxH) 2560x1440x2000mm
    Machine weight 2100kg

    Main Features

    swiss type cnc lathe

    The main/sub spindle equipped with c-axis indexing and positioning. The main spindle adopts imported ultra high precision angular contact ball bearing, to ensure the high rigidity and lasting precision retention of the main spindle. It adopts imported high-precision lead screw bearing and German Rexroth high-precision guide rail.

    swiss type cnc lathe

    The gang tools adopts stepped guide rail structure, to improve the rigidity of the tool holder table, smooth chip removal. It’s equipped with side poer tools and spindle indexing function, which can meet the needs of complex turning, milling and drilling compound machining. As to guide bushing structure, can select fixed guide bushing cutting. Non-guide bushing cutting and full range rotary guide bushing cutting, meets multi processing requirements.


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