Southeast Asian customers visit WMTCNC, warm reception!

Southeast Asian customers visit WMTCNC, warm reception!

Every customer’s trust and support is our driving force.

On December 20, Southeast Asian customers who have cooperated with us for a long time came to visit our company. Under the leadership of our two bosses and the person in charge of sales and technology, the customers visiting from Southeast Asia first visited our factory.

On behalf of the company, Boss GUI extended a warm welcome to overseas customers and accompanied them to visit the company’s production workshops, laboratories, warehouses and so on. During the period, for any questions raised by customers,  Boss GUI and relevant responsible persons have made detailed and patient answers, and also introduced the company’s development and changes in recent years to customers, and talked very happily while visiting.

After in-depth understanding of the details of our production process and quality control, Boss GUI and the heads of relevant departments led customers to our back line battlefield and visited our office environment. The staff introduces the various departments and the operation mode of the company to customers, and introduces the corporate culture of our company, so that customers have a deeper understanding of our company.

Whether it is the display of the cultural wall, or the spirit of every employee working seriously at the station, it has left a good impression on customers. It is because we usually develop good working habits and conditions, so we can easily handle the reception of customers, maintain a natural, confident style, and this is the best show of WMTCNC corporate culture.

/Go both ways, hand in hand to win

The customer’s visit is a two-way travel and win-win result for both of us. In fact, as early as a month ago in mid-November and earlier, we have been to visit the customer.Whether it is at the METALEX exhibition in Thailand, or at the Indonesian trade show, one of the biggest gains is not only to know a lot of new friends, but also to meet with our old friends, and this important customer in Southeast Asia is one of the tasks of WMTCNC each trip to study. The warm reception of customers made our trip to Southeast Asia have more new experiences and full of harvest.

WMTCNC visits customers in Southeast Asia

/Deepen cooperation, research and progress together

Customers come to China to visit us, to visit our factory, quality products and services, sophisticated equipment and technology, good industry development prospects, is an important reason to attract customers to visit. The rich professional knowledge and strong working ability of the reception staff have not only been deeply recognized by the customers in this reception, but also left a deep impression on the customers. In this visit and negotiation, the customer has further in-depth cooperation with us, and successfully signed the exhibition cooperation agreement, so , our relationship has been officially upgraded to a deep strategic partner.

I hope that in the future cooperation, we can make progress together, achieve win-win and common development!

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