Welcome to Visit The 16th China Int’l Machine Tool & Tools Exhibition (CIMES 2024)

Welcome to Visit The 16th China Int’l Machine Tool & Tools Exhibition (CIMES 2024)

The 16th China International Machine Tool &Tools Exhibition (CIMES 2024) will be held at the China International Exhibition Center (Shunyi Hall) on June 17-21, 2024. 

>>>Exhibition introduction

This exhibition is sponsored by China National Machinery Industry Corporation Limited, China Machinery International Cooperation Co., LTD., China Machine Tool Corporation, and hosted by China Machinery International Cooperation Co., LTD., Beijing National Machinery Exhibition Co., LTD. 

With the “Digital Future Scientific and Technological Innovation” theme, the exhibition will display cutting-edge equipment manufacturing technologies and processes. It is expected to attract nearly 1,000 domestic and foreign enterprises to show, with an exhibition area of 70,000 square meters.

>>> Exhibition Information

Date: June 17-21,2024

Booth No.:E1-A461

Add:China Introduction Exhibition Center(Shunyi Hall),Beijing

>>>Exhibition Products

Product Highlights:

1. As one new product of independent design & development, VMC600 is a multi-purpose machine that can mill surfaces & drill holes.

2. This machine adopts a domestic/overseas branded numerical control system and realizes full-screen edition in Chinese.

3. Spindle adopts imported frequency converters, which could fulfill variable speed control & constant linear speed cutting functions; the machining body adopts ultrasonic frequency hardening treatment; both X-axle & Z-axle adopts step/servo motor, which could process feeding motion by directly connecting shaft coupling & ball screws.

4. With high power, pleasant rigidity, high precision & storage, high price-quality ratio, and long cycle life, the machine is widely applied to instruments, meters, light industries, electronics, home appliances, medical instruments, aeronautics & astronautics, etc. industries, it is one small-medium precision & complex machine for processing various materials (especially non-ferrous metals & stainless steel) as well as ideal equipment for large automation production.

5. This machine could process holes below 16mm, milling planes below 18mm, and milling depths below 3mm.

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