Vertical Machine Center VMC1160L – Infinite Possibilities in Precision Machining

Vertical Machine Center VMC1160L – Infinite Possibilities in Precision Machining


This machine is a middle-sized vertical machine center, applicable for multi-step machining such as milling, drilling, boring, reaming, tapping, etc., and is especially capable of precision machining complicated parts in the industries of automobile parts and molds.

Performance Features

1. Adopt a high-rigidity straight-rolling guide slot featured in high moving speed and high positioning accuracy.

2.Capable of high-precision milling of straight lines and arc at any angle and drilling and tapping as well.

3.The tool-change system can change tools at high speed and in the shortest route. The AC servo spindle motor needs no maintenance to change electric brush, but can select the optimum cutting speed at your will.

4.Fully utilize electric techniques to simplify the mechanic structure and replace the hydraulic transmission so as to improve reliability and facilitate maintenance.

5.Standard disposition provides rich NC functions, such as LCD, various cyclic functions, tool compensation, program memory, and edition, alternating between the metric and British systems, etc.

Performance Advantages


The BT40 Volis has consistent quality and has been on sale for almost ten years without any after-sales service issues.

Rotation speed 8000 rpm (belt spindle, low maintenance costs).

The spindle uses Japanese koyo bearings, which are the same brand as NSK, but NSK has more of them.

Linear guide and slider

Using 45mm wide HIWIN three-axis roller linear rail, it ensures large contact surface and good stability.

We use 187mm long sliders for X and Z axis and they are assembled with 6 highest level sliders. Other plants: use 153.2mm short slider, only four sliders are installed. We install 4 long sliders on the Y axis, while other factories use 2 short sliders.

Triaxial bearing: Japanese NACHI is used, which is the same level as NSK, but NSK is more stable.

machine frame

Tool magazine

Brand OKADA, AIMACH, you can choose yourself.

The mechanical tool magazine has a more stable design and a meager failure rate.

Five-axis rotary table

Taiwan brand GSA+ turntable with a diameter of 200mm, can be equipped with a turntable with a diameter of 255mm.

A-axis or B-axis: ±90° rotation.

B+C is suitable for long workpieces. B+C can be equipped with a tailstock.


The workbench is hardened to HRC45 (see video), many factories do not harden or the hardness is uneven and substandard.

Manual cleaning, the cleaning surface has 8 DPI, the contact surface is large, the machine has higher precision, it is not easy to be deformed after long-term use; while many factories use 1-2 points, which has poor stability.

External shield

Appearance design: by professional design team, high quality and practical.

The thickness of the sheet metal reaches 1.8 mm, while some in other factories have only 1.5 mm.


Our machine uses HT300 casting. The weight of this VMC1160L reaches 6.5 tons, while other plants weigh only 5.5 tons.

Z axis counterweight

Optional: Enlarge the Z axis motor and nitrogen balance cylinder.

Installation of the Vertical Machine Center

Power source

A. Voltage: three-phase 380V±10%
B. Frequency: 50Hz±1Hz
C.Total capacity: 20 KVA


Air temperatureIn running0~45℃
Relative humidityNormally≤75%
Short term (within one month)≤95%
VibrationIn running≤0.5G
Not in running≤1G
Height above seaIn running≤1000m
Not in running≤1200m
EnvironmentNormal environment in workshop

Attention points

A. Keep the machine far away from dust.
B. Far away from acid, alkali and salty environment .
C. Far away from organic solution.
D. Not be exposed in direct sunshine or environment of high humidity.
E. Far away from vibration source.
F. Far away from large compressor or punching machine.
G. Far away from electromagnetic noise maker (such as electric welding).

Preparation for installation

A. There should be no lubrication oil or grease in the spots where the machine touches the cement ground.
B. Adjust the machine levelness and keep the base of the machine about 10mm above the ground.
C. The cement ground must be even and solid.

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