Analysis of several normal phenomena during the use of alloy wheel lathe

Analysis of several normal phenomena during the use of alloy wheel lathe

Alloy wheel lathes have high reliability, fewer failures, strong adaptability to the environment, regardless of whether it is temperature or moderate strength, they have a certain degree of adaptability, the internal circuit is relatively complex, and it requires a close-fitting CNC lathe control system Connection and operation. Before lathe processing, input the information of the processed part and the required program to the control end, and the numerical control device will analyze and process the received information, and according to the processing result, it will be distributed to each device for completion. Process, and complete the processing tasks of the parts according to the required shape and size.


Analysis of several abnormal phenomena of alloy wheel lathe:


Numerical control systems are relatively diverse, with various types and styles, but they are all derived from the initial requirements and needs of the system. Numerical control systems are generally divided into control systems, servo systems, and position measurement systems. These three parts are effectively combined to complete A complete CNC system. Before powering on, you can perform some simple inspections, for example, open the electric control box of the lathe, check whether the relays, contactors, etc. are loose or not.


Then check the electric box door and check the sockets of various interfaces. If there are losses the situation must be reinserted tightly to ensure good contact and stable operation. Inspect each circuit board according to the instructions of the lathe, correct the wrong place, check the next step if there is no error. Check the wiring in the relevant wiring place, whether there is bare copper wire in the wiring, and each terminal must be screwed Tighten it once, and the sockets of each motor must be tightened to ensure that there is no looseness; to check the solenoid valve, you need to push it many times to ensure that it will not run poorly due to a long time without power. If you find a problem, you need to sort it out in time and make a record.

alloy wheel lathe

alloy wheel lathe

The self-produced lathe in my country has the following characteristics:

High gear rotation, relatively poor rigidity, and large backlash, which cause the gear to be wear-resistant. If the original gear chain is used after the transformation, the machining accuracy will below. It will be reduced, and the service life will be damaged. Whether it can drive the operation of the lathe is still a question. It will also cause the lathe to need frequent adjustment and maintenance, and the maintenance and repair costs are relatively high. When the gear gap is large, it will need to be repaired or replaced with a new gear when the gear gap exceeds a certain compensation value. The occurrence of the accident. If a good gear is used, the rolling friction will be small and the service life of the gear will be increased, reducing the friction between the gear and the roller will also reduce the occurrence of accidents and the maintenance cost.


The operation panel of the numerical control system is input to the numerical control unit through the control port, and the tasks of the lathe are completed through the division of labor through the coordinated operation of various originals. By adopting the deceleration mechanism, the friction between the shaft and the gear can be increased and reduced, and a certain impact force can also be achieved to meet the operating needs of the lathe. In the choice of cutting tools, square or triangular cutting tools can be used, avoid the large cutting width, high pressure on the lathe and gears, which may damage the tools or cause unnecessary loss of the lathe and parts. In the choice of knives, try to use imported knives, which are more impact resistant, less wearable, and have a long life. This will improve the cutting efficiency and the cost is equivalent to that of domestic knives. The CNC transformation method requires high-precision product requirements. In the system, you can choose domestically developed technology. In the tool selection, imported tools are used to reduce loss and improve work efficiency. This is a more rational solution.

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