New Product – Gear Head, Direct Type 4 Axis CNC Gantry Machining Center SP2560

New Product – Gear Head, Direct Type 4 Axis CNC Gantry Machining Center SP2560

For 4 Axis CNC Gantry Machining Center SP2560 column and beam fixed double column machining center, we adopt international dynamic rigidity design idea and optimize the moving parts on the basic of high rigidity,structure symmetry,high stability of traditional double column machining center. This series machines have the characteristic of high torque and fast feedback, which can meet the demand of auto,mould,aviation and other mechanical machining field. This series machines are mainly made of base,worktable,columns,beam,saddle,hydraulic system,lubrication system,cooling and filtering system,chip device, CNC system and other parts.


Machine type SP2560
Worktable Worktable size(W x L) 2500×6000 mm
Load bearing of worktable 20000 kg
T-slots(N x M) Center: 11-28×200 mm
Products Range Longitudinal travel  X axis 6200 mm
Cross travel       Y axis 2900+200(tool change) mm
Vertical travel      Z axis 1000 mm
Distance between spindle nose to worktable surface 260-1260 mm
Distance between two columns 3000 mm
Spindle Spindle taper BT50/Φ190
motor FANUC βiP30/8000  15/18.5KW
Servo main motor rated output torque 143 Nm
Max.speed 6000(belt type) rpm



Rapid feed speed X axis 10 m/min
Rapid feed speed Y axis 10 m/min
Rapid feed speed Z axis 10 m/min
Tool Magazine Tool magazine model MANIPULATOR
Capacity 24 T
Max. Tool diameter Φ110/Φ220 mm
Max. Tool allowable weight 18 kg
Max. Tool allowable length 350 mm
Tool change time 3s(T-T)
Tool change way Arbitrary
Accuracy Positioning accuracy 0.045/0.03/0.02  Total length mm
Re-positioning accuracy 0.03/0.018/0.012  Total length mm
Accessories Dimension of three axis guide rail(XYZ) X axis 2-55# roller type linear guideway
Y axis 2-55# roller type linear guideway
Z axis box type guideway
Diameter of three axis screw(XYZ) X axis Φ8020
Y axis Φ6320
Z axis Φ5016
Machine Electric Capacity 60 KVA
Machine compressed Air 6 kg/c㎡
Power Requirement 380V±10% 50Hz
Machine Weight 54000 Kg
Machine Dimension 16000x6400x5500 mm


1 FANUC 0I MF Plus CNC system (including AICC2 function)
1 Main driving system(include spindle, main motor etc)
2 Three axis servo drive system( servo motor, linear guide, ball screw etc)
3 Main parts(include base, worktable, column etc)
4 ATC(24T)
5 CNC control system( includes operation box, electric cabinet, manual pulse generator)
6 Pneumatic system ( Include F.R.L combination, magnetic valve, air gun etc)
7 Automatic lubrication system( include lubricant pump, allocator etc)
8 Cutting liquid system( Includes water pump and water tank )
9 Automatic chip conveyor(include 2 screw type and 1 chain type)
10 X,Y axis internal protection
11 Level adjustment system( Includes embedded bolts, adjusting screws)
12 Three colour alarming lamp and lighting lamp
13 Outsides semi-protection shield
14                          Disc type oil skimmer
15                              Oil cooler


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