How to Choose A Suitable Double Spindle Swiss Type CNC Lathe Machine

How to Choose A Suitable Double Spindle Swiss Type CNC Lathe Machine

The double spindle swiss type CNC lathe machine uses a two-axis tool arrangement, which greatly saves the processing cycle time. By shortening the tool exchange time between the tool arrangement and the opposite toolset, the function of overlapping multiple toolsets and moving to overlap of the effective axis of thread cutting can be realized. The direct spindle indexing function during secondary machining can also shorten the empty tool running time.


The process requirements of typical parts are mainly the structural dimensions, machining range and precision requirements of the parts. The control accuracy of the equipment is selected according to the requirements of precision, i.e. the dimensional accuracy, positioning accuracy and surface roughness of the workpiece. Selected according to the reliability, reliability is the guarantee of improving product quality and production efficiency. Reliability means that when a machine tool performs its functions under specified conditions, it runs steadily for a long time without failures. That is, the average fault-free time is long, even if the fault occurs, it can be recovered in a short time and put into operation again. The two-spindle CNC lathe with reasonable structure, excellent manufacturing and mass production has been selected. Generally, the more users, the higher the reliability of the CNC system.

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Here are the criteria you need to refer to when selecting a double spindle swiss type CNC lathe machine:


1. Accessories and Tool Selection:

Standard accessories, spare parts, their supply capacity and cutting tools are very important to the equipment already in production. When selecting a machine tool, the matching of tools and accessories should be carefully considered.


2. Focus on the Identity of Control Systems:

Manufacturers generally choose the same manufacturer’s products, at least the same manufacturer’s control system should be selected, which will bring great convenience to maintenance work. In teaching units, it is a wise choice to choose different systems and equip various simulation software because students are required to have wide knowledge.


3. Choose according to the cost-performance ratio:

Do not idle or waste functions or select functions unrelated to your needs.


4. Protection of Machine Tools

Fully enclosed or semi-enclosed protective devices and automatic chip removal devices can be provided when required.

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