New Products – WMTCNC Boring Milling Machine TPX6111B

New Products – WMTCNC Boring Milling Machine TPX6111B

This machine is a universal horizontal boring milling machine. It is suitable for processing large-size work-pieces such as cases, shells, bases, etc. with drilling, boring, expanding, reaming, countering, milling, grooving and threading etc. The machine is widely used as key equipment to machining cases in the field of engine, transportation, heavy type, petroleum machinery etc.


Environmental Available for the Machine

The boring milling machine is to be used in following environment and operating conditions:

1) Environmental temperature: the range of environmental temperature of the workshop is 15C~25C, the range can be extanded to 5C ~ 40C if the accuracy of the workpiece to be turned is allowed.


2) Humidity: When under the max. temperature of 40C, the relative humidity shall not be over the range of 50%, high relative humidity is allowed under low temperature (90% under 20 C).


3) Height above sea level: Lower than 2000 m.


4) Atmosphere pollution: There is no excessive dust, acid gas, corrosive gas and salt component,i.e., dust concentration is not allowed more than 10mg/m3,and acid, salt and corrosive gas are not allowed containing.


5)Radiation: It is necessary to avoid temperature rising of the environment due to direct lighting up of the sun for the boring milling machine machine or heat radiation.


6)Location for installation of the machine should be far away from vibrating source, heat source, heat flow, flammable and hazard articles. The shake is less than 0.5G(G is acceleration of gravity)


7) Power supply: The stable value of the input power supply voltage of the machine is 0.9-1.1 times of rated voltage (380v,50Hz).


8) Input power supply frequency of the machine: 0.99-1.01 times of rated frequency (continuous). 0.98-1.02 times of rated frequency (work for a short time).


9) Materials forbidden to cut: non-metal material, i.e. graphite, stone; material with low rigidity that cannot be clamped or fixed; metal with low igniting point, i.e. magnesium alloy, etc. poisonous or flammable material. This machine is suitable for using in practical environment under certain running condition.


The machine is of the characteristics as follows:

1) The speed change of main motion and feed motion of the machine are all adopted hydraulic pre-selection centralized control, which can save the auxiliary time and increase the working efficiency of the machine. The indicator lamps are lighted up to give the signal during the course of speed and feed changing.


2) The taper of the spindle is 7:24-No.50 and an automatic load and unload tool device is equipped with it, this not only shorts the assistant time of machining but also reduces the labor strength of the worker. The accuracy of the spindle may keep very well.


3) The motion distribution of longitudinal, cross travel and rotation of moving units of the machine such as headstock and table, clamping and unclamping of moving units are provided with automatic electrical hydraulic interlocking devices, this make the machine with high automation.


4) The vertical coordinate (headstock lifting direction) and cross coordinate (table transverse movement) and longitudinal coordinate ( table longitudinal movement, supplied according to the custom’s requirement) are provided with new type Digital Display Unit with memory function, which make the machine with complete function and high accuracy.


5) Main parts of the machine with Max. loading of 2500Kg such as bed, front column and guideways of lower saddle are all adopted electric-contract surface heating self-cooling harden, which bring high stiffness of the guideways and extend the using life of the machine. Main parts of the machine with Max. loading of 3000Kg such as upper saddle and lower saddle are adopted with guideways pasted with plastic.


6) The horizontal guideway surface of the machine is provided with all pull-board type dust-proof to avoid abrading the guideway surface and at the same time, making the machine more beautiful.


7) Electric-hydraulic interlocking device will be fixed between the moving units and when a moving unit is moving, the other moving units will be clamped automatically (except spindle, radial facing slide). In the headstock and rapid transverse gearbox, safety clutches are installed to prevent the machine from overload.


8) Electric-control system of machine adopts programmable controller with high reliability.

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