What is a good beginner small metal lathe ?

What is a good beginner small metal lathe ?

As you begin your woodwork career, you’ll need a lot of bench tools and devices, and the lathe is one indispensable tool you’ll need. More intriguing is the fact that you can’t use any or every woodwork lathe as a beginner. You’ll need a small metal lathe that will start up your career seamlessly. There are different types of lathe out there that a beginner like you could use. However, choosing the best beginner metal lathe is a maverick task for a beginner too. Still yet, no need to worry, we’ve got you covered.


If you need to work with harder metals often, it is useful to get a metal lathe. Metal lathe helps you with wood and metal shaping and saves a lot of time and effort compared to manual shaping.

So, we recommend out hot selling small metal lathe machine DIY0714 for beginners.

  • Don’t let the compact size of this lathe confuse you.
  • Despite its size, the product has a 550W motor which can do a lot.
  • Therefore, it is an excellent choice for anyone who works with different metalworking applications.
  • It has variable speed settings, from 0 to 2500 RMP.
  • Additionally, using this lathe and setting it is a breeze.
  • Moreover, the lathe has a turret tool post and a splash guard, chip tray, and has 7 inches of swing over bed.
  • The thread range is 12-52 TPI.


This precision mini lathe is designed toperform various types of processing jobs. Counterface turning,drilling,threading,and cutting jobs on materials made up ofround bar and bar materials can be performed with this machine. And it can be used in areas such as mini precision parts processing,sample processing and modeling works.


The lathe bed is made of high grade iron. The rigidity of lathe,the handness andaccuracy of the v -slideways are obtainedby raw materials,heat hardening andgrinding.

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