How to choose a universal milling machine?

How to choose a universal milling machine?

Many users do not know how to choose the universal milling machine they need correctly. Today we will talk about how to choose to the suitable milling machine. Before choosing, the following factors need to be considered:
1. Uses and functions
There are many types of milling machines, such as vertical milling machine, horizontal milling machine, bed type milling machine, profiling milling machine, universal milling machine, drilling and milling machine, CNC milling machine, gantry milling machine, etc.. Different milling machines have different uses.
Universal milling machines usually have vertical milling and horizontal milling two functions, and universal milling head can rotate 360°. It can be suitable for a variety of processing occasions, more flexible and convenient.
2. Using field
Some clients use limited space for machines. In selecting the milling machine, whether the size of the machine and the future maintenance is convenient should also be considered. If the workshop is very small, or in the ship, family basement and other places to use, it will bring some trouble to the installation, use and debugging. When the machine tool is used normally, the space occupation is small, but the space needed for installation and maintenance is very large. Therefore, the customer must communicate with the universal milling machine tool manufacturer, and more consultation before purchase.
3. Budget
Budget is also considered when purchasing equipment. Some enterprises will consider buying some high-end machine tools because of sufficient funds. And some companies with insufficient budget can choose some medium and low grade machine tools according to their own product requirements, and the quality of machine tools produced by these small and medium-sized manufacturers can meet the needs. The management cost of large enterprises is three to five times that of small and micro enterprises. The management cost of small and medium-sized manufacturers is not high, so the machine will be more cost-effective than some large enterprises.

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