How To Choose The Most Suitable Machine Tools For Household Use?

How To Choose The Most Suitable Machine Tools For Household Use?

Many mechanical engineers and mechanical enthusiasts like to redress and repair some mechanical products at home or make some very clever works. This not only brings convenience to life, but also brings some fun. To achieve specific processing needs, as one of the basic tools for mechanical processing, machine tools are essential. How to choose a machine tool suitable for household use has become a more difficult problem. But you do not have to worry, WMTCNC professional CNC Machine supplier gives you some advice for your reference.
The choice of the household machine tool and the industrial machine tool is not the same, and can be analyzed from the following aspects.
1. Production
From a production point of view, home processing more is a single piece or a small amount of workpiece processing, production is small, and the production of the workpiece is very large in the process of industrial processing.
2. Scale
From a scale point of view, the number of machine tools owned by mechanical enthusiasts is small, while industrial processing is larger and uses more machines. So as to achieve high efficiency.
3. Machine tool performance
In terms of performance, the power of the household machine is small and the precision is not high. The working voltage of the machine tool is civil voltage, and there is no need to set up a special power supply. Because it is generally not possible to purchase special machine tools for each processing demand. This requires that the household machine tool equipment is versatile and can be equipped with a variety of accessories to achieve more diverse processing needs.
4. Use environment
In terms of the use environment, the household machine tools will choose to use in the garage or the basement. Therefore, the size of the machine tool should not be too large and the weight should not be too heavy by the space limit.
In addition, household machines need simple structure, reliable quality, easy maintenance and long service life. If the machine tool structure is complex and the maintenance needs strong technical support, it will be very inconvenient for the family users.

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