How To Remove Rust From CNC lathe Parts?

How To Remove Rust From CNC lathe Parts?

When the CNC lathe is used improperly or the daily maintenance is not in place, it often causes the cnc lathe parts to rust. Corrosion caused by precision parts can not be treated by mechanical methods, and the use of chemical acid to clear the rust will damage the accuracy of the parts, resulting in reduced processing accuracy. In general, there are two processes for cleaning the surface of the parts: immersion cleaning and wiping cleaning. The following is a brief introduction:

The immersion cleaning process step is: adding the professional cleaning stock solution into the plastic tank and heating it to 40-50 degrees with an electric heater and maintaining it, and the normal temperature may only need to be extended. Soak the workpiece into the tank. If further efficiency is required, increase the circulation pump to agitate the bath. Wait until the rust is completely dissolved before removing the workpiece and rinsing with a water-based rust inhibitor. After rinsing, it is naturally dried or dried, or directly dehydrated and rustproof.

Another method is to wipe and clean, which is to wipe repeatedly with a rag and a cleaning solution. After wiping, dry it with hot air or dry it naturally and apply anti-rust oil. This method is not suitable for cleaning and rusting of large equipment or workpieces.

We need to soak and clean the parts of the CNC car before cleaning it. The scrubbed parts can be renewed with anti-rust oil. At the same time, it also effectively extends the service life of the machine. In the process of using the machine tool, it is necessary to carry out routine maintenance according to the formal process. This is the fundamental method to solve the problem.

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