How to solve the vibration problem in the process of surface grinder?

How to solve the vibration problem in the process of surface grinder?

In the process of precision grinding, the machine tool should not have any vibration, otherwise it will affect the accuracy of the product. So what should we do when we find the vibration of the machine tool when we use the surface grinder for precision machining? Let’s analyze the possible causes.


Processing environment.

The machine tools with large vibration such as punch and lathe cannot be placed near the same working site of precision surface grinder, which is easy to cause co vibration.How to judge whether there is resonance? Stop the grinder and start the punch or lathe. If you touch it with your hands and feel the grinder vibrate, it will be affected. So it must be placed in separate workshops.

Check the ground.

If the anchor screw level of the machine tool is not adjusted properly, it will cause resonance of the machine tool.Because sometimes the ground flatness of the processing site is not very good, so it is necessary to adjust the horizontal screw to make the machine reach a flat height. By tightening the anchor screws, keep all the anchor screws close to the site.

If the vibration is not eliminated after the above actions are completed.

And if the vibration is not eliminated after the above actions, check whether the ground floor is not solid. If the floor is terrazzo or paved floor block, it is relatively solid. If it is a cement horizon, the ground will be very empty, which will cause resonance. How to deal with this situation? You can use several black rubber mats with a thickness of 6-10 mm and a size of 10 cm and floor mats, just a little bigger, Loosen the foundation screw, and put the rubber pad under the horizontal foot pad to play a great shock absorption function.


If the vibration is not eliminated, you can try changing the grinding wheel. And if the flange is installed without effective balance weight correction, remove the balance weight and install it. If it doesn’t work, try a new flange. Generally speaking, the problem will be solved.


If the above series of actions still fail to eliminate the vibration, it may be that the spindle of the grinder vibrates itself for a long time, the inner bearing or motor is broken, or there may be problems with the structure and assembly of the machine tool. At this time, the manufacturer shall be informed to deal with it.


Precision parts processing needs to choose a good environment. The stability of the machine tool has a direct impact on precision processing. I hope the above analysis will help you.

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