Main Parts and Functions of Surface Grinder M7140

Main Parts and Functions of Surface Grinder M7140

Surface grinding machine M7140 is used to produce a smooth finish on flat surfaces. Applicable to all kinds of processing machinery, auto parts, fixture, magnetic steel, mold parts processing industry. And the machine tool can be made of grinding steel, iron, ceramics, and non-ferrous metal parts.

Bed of surface grinder

The function of the bed is to support all parts of the grinder. It has a horizontal guide rail on it as the moving guide of the workbench. The inside of the bed is equipped with a hydraulic transmission device and a longitudinal and transverse feeding mechanism.



Driven by manual or hydraulic transmission system, the worktable can make longitudinal and complex feed motion along the horizontal guide rail. The worktable is equipped with an electromagnetic chuck, which is used to clamp the workpiece with magnetic conductivity. For the workpiece without magnetic conductivity, the fixture can be used for clamping. The front side of the worktable is provided with a reversing collision block, which can automatically control the reciprocating stroke of the worktable.


Grinding wheel rack

The grinding wheel spindle of the grinding wheel rack is directly connected with the motor spindle to obtain high-speed rotating motion (i.e. main motion).


Vertical feed mechanism

Turning the vertical feed hand wheel can realize the vertical feed movement of the grinding head


Hydraulic control parts

By operating the hydraulic handle and knob on the grinder, the longitudinal and transverse hydraulic feed motion of the worktable and the grinding head can be realized, and the speed regulation function can be realized



The column is used to support the sliding seat and the grinding wheel rack. There are two vertical guide rails on its side. By turning the lifting hand wheel, the sliding seat and the grinding wheel rack can move up and down along the vertical guide rail to realize the vertical feeding movement.


Sliding seat

The lower part of the sliding seat is connected with a dovetail guide rail and a grinding wheel rack, and the inner part is provided with a hydraulic cylinder, which is used to drive the grinding wheel rack for intermittent or continuous transverse feed movement, or to turn the transverse feed handwheel to realize manual feed.

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