Main Application Of CNC In Manufacturing

Main Application Of CNC In Manufacturing

The CNC machining center is mainly suitable for processing multi-variety and multi-size products with complex shapes, complicated procedures, and high precision. Compared with traditional processing methods, it has obvious advantages. The application range of CNC machining technology in industrial manufacturing has the following aspects:


1.Box parts

Such products generally have more holes and working faces and have more complicated cavities. The machined surface has the requirements of shape and positional accuracy. If it is processed by ordinary equipment and requires multiple process conversion benchmarks, the accuracy is difficult to achieve.

The machining center is used to process the box parts, especially the multi-axis linkage numerical control equipment, which can complete the machining by virtue of its own precision grade, high processing efficiency, good rigidity, and automatic tool change. In the process of processing, as long as the process is formulated and the special fixtures and tools are used, the process problems of high precision and complicated process of the box parts can be solved.


2.Complex surface parts

CNC machining can produce many complex curved shapes under pre-programmed procedures. And can achieve manufacturing precision than ordinary equipment can’t reach. For example, in aerospace and transportation manufacturing, parts with complex curved surfaces are more common.


Such parts with complex curved contours are generally unable to achieve the predetermined machining accuracy by ordinary equipment or precision casting. The multi-axis linkage machining center, combined with special tools and automatic programming technology, can greatly improve production efficiency. Meet the processing accuracy requirements of the product surface shape. It also guarantees product consistency. Automated machining of complex parts is simple.


3.Shaped parts

Shaped parts are also common in production and processing. Such parts have the characteristics of irregular shape. In ordinary equipment, it is impossible to realize one positioning and can be processed. It is necessary to frequently change the positioning reference to process different working surfaces. If the machining center is used, the polyhedron can be processed, and multi-axis linkage can be combined, and more working faces can be manufactured with the clamping together, which effectively reduces the machining error caused by multiple positioning.


4.Typical application of new product trial production

CNC machining centers offer a wide range of adaptability and a high degree of flexibility. When changing the machining target, it is only necessary to prepare and input a new program, and equip the necessary tooling and tools to realize the machining. This provides a great convenience for single-piece, small-batch, multi-variety production and new product trial production. The trial cycle has also been reduced.

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