Tips – How to Choose The Best Quality Vertical Machining Center?

Tips – How to Choose The Best Quality Vertical Machining Center?

How to choose a VMC machine?

1. Choose a suitable VMC machine. If you need to machining small workpiece, you can choose a small size VMC machine. Otherwise, you need to choose the large VMC machine.

2. The structure of the machining center depends on factors such as the size of the machine tool and the weight of the machined workpiece.

3.The working accuracy of the machining center. Selecting the machine tool according to the machining accuracy requirements of the part. For roughing operations with low precision requirements, machine tools with low precision should be selected. For precision machining operations with high precision requirements, high precision machine tools should be used.

4. Convenient clamping and simple fixture structure are also factors that need to be considered when selecting CNC equipment. The choice of horizontal CNC machine tools or vertical CNC machine tools will directly affect the structure and machining coordinate system of the selected fixture, which is directly related to the difficulty of CNC programming and the reliability of CNC machining. When selecting CNC machine tools, the functions of numerical control equipment should be fully utilized, and reasonable development should be carried out according to the needs to expand the functions of CNC machine tools to meet the needs of products. Then, according to the selected CNC machine tool, the CNC machining plan and process route are further optimized, and the content of the process is appropriately adjusted as needed.

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