Precautions For Purchasing The CNC Machines For The First Time

Precautions For Purchasing The CNC Machines For The First Time

When installing the machine, in order to ensure the safe operation of CNC machines, please take note of the following matter:

(1)Wires used to determine the performance equal to or higher than required by the maintenance manual.

(2)Not use any device connected to the power lines would interfere with the sub-electric drive.



The notes before starting the machine

(1)The use of compliant cable and cable protection tube to prevent leakage or electric shock.

(2)To determine the correct connection of the line voltage and capacity.

(3)Electrical box and the box to turn off the system operation to avoid cutting fluid or dust from entering.

(4)Check the adequacy of the oil tank.

(5)Accordance with the order of power to turn on the plant power supply switch, machine main power, control box power switch.




(1)When the power input, please note that some preparations after the completion of light are on.

(2)To determine not to produce any motor or other parts of the different sound.

(3)When the first operation or after a long time to stop, each sliding surface must add the lubrication oil, start the machine but don’t let the machine running on about 30 minutes(no running), facilitate lubricating oil to sliding surface then operation machine.

(4)When you first use the machine, please pay attention to the direction of rotation for chip machine motor and cutting fluid motor, to see whether it is correct.

(5)Check the pressure switch whether set correctly.

(6)Check each part of the protective cover whether installed well.

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