Reasons and Solutions for Poor Surface Finish of Workpiece

Reasons and Solutions for Poor Surface Finish of Workpiece

For a CNC machine, accuracy is the most important criterion for evaluating machine quality. It can even be said that accuracy is the soul of the machine tool. CNC lathe will cause less precision due to various reasons, which is not very troublesome. Today we will talk about the solution to the poor surface finish of the workpiece.


Description: The machine can be machined and the workpiece size is also accurate, but the surface finish of the workpiece is poor. The reasons and solutions for this situation are:


Reason 1, the tooltip of the machine tool is not sharp

Solution: The tool is not sharp after being worn or damaged, re-sharpening directly or selecting a better tool to re-align the tool.


Reason 2, the machine tool generated resonance during operation

Solution: The machine produces resonance mainly because the machine is not placed smoothly. Just adjust the machine to the horizontal position and fix it.


Reason 3, the machine tool has crawled

Solution: The reason why the machine tool crawls is mostly that the carriage guide is worn out and the lead screw is worn or loose. This happens because the machine is not adequately maintained. It is recommended to clean the wire and add lubricant in time to reduce friction. It is also recommended to increase the number of maintenance of the machine tool. If the amount of processing is large, it is best to perform wire cleaning and oil addition every day. Don’t worry too much about the consumption of lubricants. After all, the cost of lubricants is much lower than the output.


Reason 4, the processing technology is defective

Solution: If the processing requirements of other processes are met, try to select the higher speed of the spindle. At the same time, choose a coolant that is more suitable for workpiece processing.


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