Why Do We Purchase CNC Lathe (1)?

Why Do We Purchase CNC Lathe (1)?

CNC Lathe is a kind of numerial control lathe machine, or a kind of lathe with cnc controller. It can solve the processing problem of high precision and complex workpieces well. And cnc lathe is a high efficiency automatic lathe machine, it represents the developments direction of modern machine tool control technology. Now we will discuss the advantages of cnc metal lathe.

Advantage 1

High processing precision, especially the uniformity of the same batch of machined parts is improved, and the quality of the product specifications is more consistent. From the perspective of the transmission structure of the machine tool, the CNC lathe drives the ball screw drive by the stepping motor. Since the ball screw can have an interference, the transmission has no gap, and the accuracy is mainly guarantee by the machine itself and the program, so the repeating precision is high. From the point of view of the machining process, the CNC machine tool can automatically measure during the machining process, and can automatically compensate for the error caused by tool wear and other causes.


Therefore, the processing quality is good and the precision is stable. It is also possible to use a programmed method to drive out parts that are complex in shape and difficult to machine on a conventional lathe. Suitable for parts with high precision, large batch size and complex shape.

Advantage 2

Greatly improved production efficiency. Since the CNC lathe can be automatically measure during the machining process, it can automatically compensate for the errors caused by tool wear and other causes, reducing unnecessary stopping during the production process. Save a lot of time and increase production efficiency, especially in high-volume production.

Advantage 3

Greatly reduced labor intensity and improved working conditions. Because CNC machine tools use fully enclosed or semi-closed guards, it prevents chips or cutting fluid from flying out, reducing the damage to the operator. High spindle speed and safe and reliable workpiece clamping make it safe. Most of the CNC lathes use hydraulic chucks, which make the clamping force adjustment convenient and reliable, and also reduce the labor intensity of the operators. At the same time, the automatic rotary tool holder is also adopted, which can automatically change the tool during the processing, and continuously complete the processing of multiple processes, thereby reducing the labor intensity of the workers.

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