Tips – How to Solve the Problems in CNC Machine Tools?

Tips – How to Solve the Problems in CNC Machine Tools?

CNC machine tools have the advantages of strong adaptability, high machining precision, stable processing quality, and high efficiency. It can automatically produce parts according to the drawings, thus achieving automation and compound centralization of machine tools. CNC machine tools can solve complex, precise, small batch, multi-variety parts processing problems. However, problems such as tool wear are likely to occur during the machining process.


1.Accurate workpiece size with poor surface

If the tool is not sharp, you need to re-grind the tool or choose a better tool. The reason for the mechanical creep is the wear of the carriage guide and the screwball loosens, the operator should clean the wire after work, and add lubricant in time to reduce friction. Also choose the coolant suitable for workpiece processing. In the case of other processing requirements and try to use a higher spindle speed.


2.Level of the machine tool

When the level of the machine tool is not stable, use the level to adjust the level of the machine, lay a solid foundation, and fix the machine.


3.Adjust the position

If the rapid positioning speed is too fast, adjust the speed appropriately, the cutting acceleration and deceleration time and time will make the driver and motor work normally at the rated operating frequency. When the tool holder is too loose after the tool change, pls check whether the tool holder reversal time is satisfied, and check whether the worm and worm inside the tool holder are worn, whether the installation is too loose, etc. If it is caused by the program, the operator should modify the program and improve the workpiece drawing. Selecting a reasonable processing technology and preparing the instructions according to the instructions of the manual. If the dimensional deviation is too large, pls check whether the system parameters.


4. Use some anti-interference measures

The operator must carefully check the fixture and consider the operator’s operation manual and the reliability of the clamping. Due to dimensional changes caused by the clamping, it is necessary to improve the tooling so that the worker can avoid misjudgment as much as possible. Understand the rules, try to use some anti-interference measures, such as strong electric cable interference strong signal and weak electric signal line isolation, add anti-interference absorption capacitor and shielded line isolation. In addition, the operator should check if the ground wire is securely connected. In the nearest position of the grounding contact, take all anti-interference measures to avoid system interference.

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