New Product (4) – CNC Milling Machine XK7124 with NEWKWER System

New Product (4) – CNC Milling Machine XK7124 with NEWKWER System

Features of CNC Milling Machine XK7124:

  • Used for machining box parts, shell parts, disc-shaped parts
  • Pneumatically tool clamping
  • Suitable foe muld machining and production in lots
  • Low noise with high precision



Specification XK7124
Table size 800x240mm
XYZ travel 450/205/490mm
Ballscrew pitch X:2010; Y: 2510, C7 class
XYZ axis motor servo motor
Main motor 3.7kw servo motor
Spindle speed 6000rpm
Spindle taper BT30
Positioning accuracy 0.02mm
Repositioning accuracy 0.02mm
Machine weight 600kgs

Our CNC milling machine XK7124 with NEWKWER system, maybe someone don’t know this system, only know Mach 3, GSK, Siemens and Fanuc. Now we will introduce this new system, and compared with the Mach 3 system.

1.In Technology

The Mach 3 system cannot support rigid tapping and cannot support absolute servo motors. But CNC milling machine with After 990MDC can do these.

2.On customer usage

Mach 3 system
In fact, Mach 3 system operation is very troublesome, and there are many unstable factors. If you are a beginner, maybe can not use this system well. Because it can have some problems, such as
computer software problems,limit overtravel problems,machine tool zero return problem and etc.
If use mach 3 system, there is no other way to monitor all the status of the machine, can only rely on PC. Therefore, Mach 3 is not suitable for industrial use, and the security performance is not very good.
After system(also called NEWKWER)
(a)Our standard system is after 990MDC system, and support absolute value feedback. It means that the machine does not have a zero position switch and there is no limit switch. For this system, it also has some advantages:The machine will not have an alarm caused by the damage or malfunction of the limit switch, because it is difficult for non-professionals to find the cause.The customer use this milling machine in a mistake or a sudden power failure during processing, the coordinates will not be lost. After reconnecting the power, the machine can automatically find the position of the machine coordinates. And XK7124 will not appear zero position search failure, limit switch failure and other alarms.
(b)Standard spindle is servo motor, and spindle taper is BT30.
(c)Vertical controller panel is the best choice for industrial use.The system body is matched with the spindle driver and the feed driver to achieve the maximum performance of the machine.If you use mach 3 system, can not do these well.

3.In system operation

After system is easy to operate, same as GSK,Siemens and Fanuc.
The UI interface of our machine is more concise and clear, and the tool setting method is original. Compared with the GSK system, the operation is very easy. In fact, there are two main operations of the system, one is how to load the program, and the other is how to match the tool. In a word, it is easy to operate. If you know how to operate GSK system, you can operate this system.
In conclusion, After system is better than Mach 3 system, such as stable system, easily operation and best price.If you purchase this cnc milling machine and worry about how to operate, we can send a video and tell you how to operate.
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