What Affects the Processing Efficiency of CNC Lathes?

What Affects the Processing Efficiency of CNC Lathes?

Why is the CNC lathe high efficient?

In this article, we will discuss what affects the processing efficiency of CNC lathes.


Development of processing.

First of all, when choosing a processing route, try to choose a route with a shorter processing route. This can reduce the time of the empty knife and also reduce the block. Secondly, the numerical calculation should be simple, and the program segment should be reduced as much as possible, which can reduce the workload of programming. Finally, try to do one clip, multi-angle processing and one molding. This will not only effectively shorten the handling time, but also ensure the positional accuracy requirements of the parts.


Tool selection and application.

The first step is to choose the right tool. The use of the tool during workpiece machining is very important. This requires high hardness, heat resistance and wear resistance as well as good thermal conductivity. Then it is necessary to select the appropriate tool setting point. A reasonable tool point is use for simplify the programming and reduce the error of the workpiece.


The choice of cutting amount.

The cutting amount mainly includes cutting depth, feed speed and spindle speed. In daily processing, the selection of cutting amount should be based on the machining process of the workpiece, and the feeding efficiency should be maximized when the tool is empty.


The operator uses various auxiliary functions and macro programs.

The technology of CNC lathes is constantly evolving, and the technology of CNC systems is also update. This requires the operator to continuously study the numerical control technology and also need to learn a new CNC system. The biggest advantage of the macro program is that the regular shape and size are expressed by the shortest program. The variable operation, the program can jump, form the module processing program, only need to process the workpiece, the parameters are called to the statement, and the programming can be shortened. And the length of the input. The auxiliary function can select subroutine function, fixed cycle function, etc., and it will have two effects.


In the enterprise, the efficiency of CNC lathe will directly affect the efficiency of the enterprise, and increase the production efficiency of the enterprise while saving personnel expenses. Therefore, it is especially important to choose a good CNC lathe.

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