Why Is the CNC Lathe Machine High Efficient?

Why Is the CNC Lathe Machine High Efficient?

With the development of technology, the advantages of high precision and high precision of CNC lathe machine are more obvious. Data shows that the efficiency of CNC lathes is several times that of ordinary machine tools. In some process-complex workpiece machining, CNC lathes are more than ten times larger than general-purpose machine tools. So why is the efficiency of a CNC lathe more efficient than a general-purpose lathe?


Spindle speed and feed rate of CNC lathe machine.

The spindle speed and feed range of CNC lathes are much larger than the range of general machine tools. Because the optimum cutting amount is selected for each machining process, it is required that the lathe needs a powerful cutting with a large cutting amount, which saves a lot of maneuver time compared to the general machine tool, thereby increasing the efficiency.


Tool magazine and automatic tool changer for CNC lathe machine.

The turret and the automatic tool changer realize a single clamping process to complete multiple machining operations, saving multiple clamping times. We finish processing at one time, it also saves multiple inspection time, thus increasing efficiency.


CNC system for CNC lathe machine.

The CNC system has strong adaptability to the process. After the same CNC lathe is set up, the automatic production can be completed. One person can operate multiple machines. In addition, the CNC system can automatically compensate for the backlash of the feed chain and the screw pitch error, making the workpiece more precise.


The above explains why the efficiency of a CNC lathe is higher than that of a general lathe. Then what are the factors that affect the processing efficiency of CNC lathes? We will introduce it in the next blog.

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