Why Do We Purchase CNC Lathe (2)?

Why Do We Purchase CNC Lathe (2)?

Lathe CNC is a kind of numerial control lathe machine, or a kind of lathe with cnc controller. It can solve the processing problem of high precision and complex workpieces well. And cnc lathe is a high efficiency automatic lathe machine, it represents the developments direction of modern machine tool control technology. Now we will discuss the advantages of cnc metal lathe.
Advantage 4

Highly adaptable parts. Since the CNC lathe uses a computer program to control the servo drive, the drive motor or hydraulic actuator drives the device to operate. The main drive and feed drive of the main and feed drive separation CNC lathes use separate servo motors to make the drive chain simple and reliable. At the same time, each motor can move separately or multi-axis. It can process linear cylinders, diagonal cylinders, circular arcs, and various threads. It has various compensation functions such as linear interpolation and circular interpolation. Which has achieved good economic effects in the mass production of complex parts.

The ordinary lathe can only suitable for single-axis linear processing. To achieve two-axis linkage, it can only be done by manual operation. This has a high technical requirement for the operator, and the repeatability of the operation is very poor. It can suitable for single processing, not suitable for mass production.

Advantage 5

Conducive to the development of production management and mechanical automation. CNC lathes have a high degree of automation and stylized machining operations. So in the production practice, one person can simultaneously operate and control multiple machine tools. At the same time, since the CNC lathe adopts the automatic rotary tool holder, the tool can be automatically changed during the machining process, and the multi-process processing is continuously completed, which is beneficial to the development of production management and comprehensive automation of machining. CNC machine tools also have the disadvantages of high price, large investment, high technical requirements for operators and maintenance personnel, and large manual work when processing complex parts.

The development of CNC machine tools has broad prospects. For the machining professional students, mastering the operation principle of CNC lathes, correctly writing programs and processing qualified workpieces can greatly improve their own skills.

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