• Certification: ISO9001 CE
  • Type: Horizontal
  • Warranty:  13 months
  • Voltage: As customers’ requirement
  • Color: As customers’ requirement
  • After-sale service: Available
  • Brand Name:WMTCNC

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    The shaper is mainly used for forming plane, planing medium on the work piece surface and groove in small batch production.


    Specification BC6066
    Maximum planing length 630/660mm
    Maximum distance from the bottom of the working table 385mm
    lateral travel 630mm
    Vertical stroke 360mm
    Tool frame travel 120mm
    Sleeper reciprocating times (per minute) 14/20/28/40/56/80
    Main motor power 3W
    The maximum size(width*thickness)of the handle 20×30mm
    The size of the T groove in the center of the worktable 18mm
    Angle of rotation ±60°(刀架)
    Workbench size 630×400/660×400mm
    Shape size 2000×1300×x150/2357×1225×1480mm
    Machine tool weight (about) 1750/1870,1800/1920KG
    Package dimensions 2000/1300/1650mm

    Main Features

    • Shaper workbench can about rotational angle worktable with transverse and elevating the rapid moving mechanism; to planing inclined plane, thereby expanding the scope of use.

    • Feed system using 2 planer cam mechanism, there are 10 levels of feed. Change the amount of knife, it is also very convenient.

    • Shaper in knife system overload safety device is installed, when due to careless handling or by external influence and cutting overload when, take the knife itself slipping, nondestructive parts which guarantees the machine to normal operation.

    • The sliding pillow and bed rails and with speed gear pair and the main rail sliding surface, lubrication oil pump has played for circulating lubrication.

    • The shaper is provided with a clutch and brake mechanism, so in the transform speed, start and stop machine, do not have to cut off the power supply, the parking brake mechanism can made the ram when when the clutch is disengaged the inertial stroke volume is not more than 10 mm.

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