• Chukc size: 10″
  • Max. swing over bed: 400mm
  • Spindle bore: 60mm
  • Spindle taper: MT6
  • Brand Name:WMTCNC

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    Mainly used for turning inner and outer cylindrical surface, end surface, taper surface, arc surface and thead of shaft, etc., with high efficiency and accurate processing. WMTCNC metal cnc lathe CK6140 will offer you  perfect service by excellent performance, strong rigidity, long-term stability and higher accuracy.


    Specification CK6140
    Chuck size 10”
    Max. swing dia. over bed 400mm
    Max. swing dia. over slide Φ240mm(Φ220mm)
    Distance between center 500/750/1000/1500mm
    Width of bed 330mm
    Spindle speed range 150-2200rpm
    Spindle bore Φ60mm
    Max. dia. of through-hole Φ50mm
    Spindle nose A2-6
    Spindle taper MT6
    X axis travel 250mm
    Z axis travel 500/750/1000/1500mm
    X/Z axis rapid traverse 6/8m/min
    Type Electrical type
    No. of tool stations 4,*6,*8 position
    Max. section of tool 25x25mm
    External diameter Φ55mm
    Travel of tailstock quill 120mm
    Taper of tailstock quill MT4
    Spindle motor power 5.5kw,*7.5kw
    Coolant pump power 120w
    Machine Dimensions
    Overal dimension (L×W×H) 1700/2050/2520/3050x1400x1680mm
    Packing size(L×W×H) 1850/2250/2640/3200x1530x2020mm
    N.w 1400/1600/1800/2200kg
    G.w 1600/1800/2000/2400kg

    Main Features

    • Full enclosure complete, safe and easy operation.
    • High rigidity casting bed.
    • High precision spindle bearing.
    • GSK, FANUC ,Siemens system as optional selection.
    • Metal cnc lathe bed guideways industively hardened.

    Machine Details

    3 jaw chuck cnc metal lathe

    3 jaw chuck

    4 position toolpost cnc metal lathe

    4 position toolpost

    GSK, Fanuc, Siemens controller as optional selection

    GSK, Fanuc, Siemens controller as optional selection

    6 position toolpost for optional

    6 position toolpost for optional


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