General Knowledge of Grinder Safety Protection

General Knowledge of Grinder Safety Protection

Grinder machine is a kind of machine which uses grinding tools to grind the surface of workpiece. The grinder has a wide range of applications, not only for high-precision, high-power grinding, but also for grinding with small surface roughness, and suitable for processing a variety of hard and brittle data, so it is widely expected in industrial application. Here are some common sense of grinder safety protection introduced to us, hoping to provide some suggestions to the brothers who need assistance.


Grinding is widely used, which is one of the primary methods for fine machining of machine parts. However, because of the high speed of grinding wheel, the grinder wheel is hard, brittle, and cannot withstand heavy impact, and occasionally improper operation, crushing the grinding wheel will result in very serious results. Therefore, the safe operation of grinding is particularly important. It is necessary to adopt reliable safety protection equipment and concentrate on operation to ensure full assurance.


In addition, the fine sand and metal chips splashed from the grinding wheel will damage the eyes of workers. If workers inhale such dust in large quantities, it will be harmful to their health, and appropriate protective measures should be taken. The following safety technical problems should be paid attention to during grinding. Before start-up, carefully check all the machine tools, including the operation organization, electrical equipment, magnetic chuck and other fixtures. After checking, it can be tested after being smooth and smooth, and it can only be used after all outstanding are recognized.


When the workpiece is clamped, attention should be paid to the clamping. In the process of grinding, the workpiece will fly out and hurt people or smash the grinding wheel. At the beginning of the operation, the manual adjustment method shall be used to make the grinding wheel slowly close to the workpiece, and the initial feeding amount shall be small. Excessive force is not allowed to avoid hitting the grinding wheel. When it is required to use the iron block to control the reciprocating motion of the worktable, it is necessary to accurately adjust the iron block according to the grinding length of the workpiece and tighten the iron block firmly. When replacing the grinding wheel, it is necessary to check the appearance first to see if there is any injury, and then use a wooden hammer or mallet to knock it. It is required to make a loud sound without any crack. When installing the grinding wheel, it is necessary to follow the regular method and demand for the device. After the static balance commissioning, the device can be used only after the commissioning and all are normal. Workers shall wear protective glasses during operation, and conduct grinding wheel trimming in a balanced manner to avoid collision. The workpiece measurement, adjustment or scrubbing machine shall be carried out after the shutdown.


When using the magnetic suction cup, the disk surface and the workpiece shall be wiped clean, tightened and firmly sucked. If necessary, the iron block can be added to prevent the workpiece from shifting or flying out. Attention shall be paid to the installation of the protective cover of the grinding wheel or the baffle of the machine tool, and the side of the stand shall be over the front of the high-speed rotating grinding wheel. There are many kinds of products processed by machining profession, the size of workpieces is different, and the processing precision is different. The relative speed of the grinding wheel is different from that of the main axis. It is difficult to adjust the spindle speed to satisfy the workpiece processing line speed. Because of the awesome stress and tortuous process of the shaft, the grinding wheel will have different feed torque, which will cause the wheel speed and torque to change differently. The chatter pattern / burn pattern will also happen. The grinding accuracy is difficult to ensure, resulting in low power output and low quality.

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