Reasons and solutions for poor surface finish of workpiece

Reasons and Solutions for Poor Surface Finish of Workpiece

For a CNC machine, accuracy is the most important criterion for evaluating machine quality. It can even be said that accuracy is the soul of

Main Features of different machine tools

Main Features of Machine Tools

As the main machine for machining, the machine tool is in a very important position in actual production. When we process different materials, we need

What Is the Working Principle of A CNC and Types of CNC Controllers

What Is the Working Principle of A CNC and Types of CNC Controllers ?

How CNC machines work? In CNC system a dedicated computer is used to perform all the essential functions as per the executive program stored in

what's the reason for workpiece deformation during machining

What’s The Reason for Workpiece Deformation During Machining?

We often meet problems like workpiece deformation during machining. For the operator, it is first necessary to analyze the cause of the deformation of the

DIY lathe

New Product(9) – DIY Lathe DIY0714 For Hobby and Education

Our customer shows this DIY Lathe  DIY0714 in Youtube. This precision DIY lathe is designed to perform various types of processing jobs. Counterface turning, drilling,

mini cnc lathe

Malaysia Exhibition Highlights – Singapore Customer Purchased Mini CNC Lathe

At METALTECH, we are proud to have always been at the forefront of the industrial revolution, showcasing our mini CNC lathe CNC210 under one roof.

pipe bending machine 640x430

New Product(8) – Pipe Bending Machine

Dedicated to providing customers with the most credible and reliable industrial equipment, WMT CNC has been making relentless efforts on superior technology and engineering to

The role of coolant in CNC lathe machining

The Role of Coolant in CNC Lathe Machining

We often use benchtop cnc lathe for turning. The use of cutting fluids plays an important role in metal cutting. During the metal cutting process, there

types of milling center

Types of CNC Machining Center

CNC Machining Center has some advantages, such as best price, wide capacity, high precision and etc, so more and more machinery people choose it. And

How to Solve Some Problems in Chip Conveyor

Tips – How to Solve Some Problems in Chip Conveyor?

A chip conveyor is a machine that is mainly used to collect various metal and non-metal waste generated by the machine and transfer the waste to

cnc mill

New Product (7)- CNC Milling Machine XH7140 with Full Cover

CNC milling is a machining process which employs computerized controls and rotating multi-point cutting tools to progressively remove material from the workpiece and produce a

double coulmn machining center

New Product (6)- Double Coulmn Machining Center SP1325

WMT CNC double coulmn machining center SP1325 is suitable for milling, boring, drilling, threading, etc. And this machine is easy to operation, programme and maintenance.

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