Exhibition Review丨CCMT 2024, WMTCNC Come To A Successful Conclusion

Exhibition Review丨CCMT 2024, WMTCNC Come To A Successful Conclusion

From April 8 to 12, 2024, the CCMT 2024 of WMTCNC ended successfully in the SNIEC. Thank you for the visit of new and old customers and every customer’s trust and support for us. The exhibition trip is not only a demonstration of the strength of WMTCNC, but more importantly, it is to perceive the market needs, focus on customer needs, and meet the next innovation and breakthrough.

Let’s review the highlights of the exhibition below!

Booth eye-catching, product attention

We brought “heavy” CNC products to this Shanghai exhibition – turning and five-axis machining centers.

As a best-selling CNC product in the market and recognized by customers, the blessing of two strength products makes our Booth shine. During the exhibition, the crowd in front of our Booth was surging, the bright eye machine attracted extensive attention from the industry, the exhibition area was crowded, and the consultation was continuous, which fully reflected the muscular brand strength and product charm of Haomai numerical control.

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lathe cnc TCK50A

5 axis CNC machining center

Orderly reception, accurate service

During the four days of the exhibition, our sales elite, whether it is customer communication before the exhibition, one-to-one service in the museum, or patience after the exhibition, have fully demonstrated our professional ability and service spirit.

The reception work has always been carried out generously. Our professional sales team has been enthusiastic and patiently explaining products to customers, thoughtfully answering every customer’s questions, listening to customer demands, not only attracting waves of customers to stop and visit but also allowing all customers to obtain maximum satisfaction.

Exhibition CCMT

Wonderful not ending, looking forward to meet again

There is so much to gain in just four days. WMTCNC in this CCMT 2024 can be said to emerge once again to show the strength of the brand and products, as well as countless expectations and trust so that our passion and confidence doubled.

Service first, customer first, sincere service, negotiate cooperation. Although the exhibition has come to an end, the wonderful never ends.

WMTCNC 2024 Exhibition itinerary – Shanghai Station’s first victory! The relay continues – next stop, 135th Canton Fair, meet you!

135th Canton Fair

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