Flat Bed CNC Lathe-CK6150

CK6150 is suitable for turning inner and outer cylindrical surface, end surface, taper surface, arc surface and thead of shaft, etc., with high efficiency and

CNC Milling Machine – XH7126

This cnc milling machine is mainly used for machining box parts, shell parts, disc-shaped parts and etc.With spindle BT40,6000rpm spindle speed, and X/Y/Z linear guideway.

Slant Bed CNC Lathe – CK35L

CNC turning machine CK35L is a style of economically applicable precision machining equipment, characterized by stability and precision, as well as high efficiency, and low


Slant Bed CNC Lathe – SWL550/400

CNC lathe SWL550/400with high rigid 35°slant bed. Imported linear rails are used for both X and Z directions, which reduces the wear of the machine

Vertical Machining Center-VMC850L

Spindle unit BT40, spindle speed 8000rpm or 10000rpm as your requirement, disk type ATC 24pcs Optimized Structure of Heavy Rail Linear Guide. It’s suitable for

vmc center

Vertical Machining Center- VMC850P

WMTCNC Vertical machining center VMC850P will offer you perfect service by excellent performance, strong rigidity, long-term stability and higher accuracy. Specification Specification VMC850P Worktable size(LxW)

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